Welcome to the The Fusion Bird! “Silver and gold don’t belong to me, but that which I am having, I am giving this to you. In the Name of Jesus Christ The Nazarene,” I hope one of the many exhortations  on this website will uplift and enlighten you, today; and that you will go on to Exhort, Uplift, and Enlighten others in your life. Let’s begin, shall we?

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Le Temoignage de JESUS CHRIST

Le Témoignage de JESUS-CHRIST Bénévolence, miséricorde, paix et amour vous soient multipliés en vérité et amour, de la part de Dieu Notre Père et du SEIGNEUR JESUS-CHRIST Notre Espoir et Sauveur. Que cette paix et bénévolence, ci-dessus, vous soient multipliées à tous, par la connaissance de Dieu et de JESUS Notre SEIGNEUR, Le Fils du … Continue reading Le Temoignage de JESUS CHRIST

A Believer’s Testimony (Part 2): “And he led him to JESUS.”

Upon hearing John the Baptist’s testimony, which was not about himself but rather about Jesus the Christ, his student Andrew began to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. The testimony of John the Baptist led Andrew to Christ so that when he saw Him, he began to follow Him from there on out, and to share … Continue reading A Believer’s Testimony (Part 2): “And he led him to JESUS.”

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